Destination Weddings


A destination wedding is a wedding ceremony and celebration held in a location away from where the bride or groom live. Basically it’s your wedding, your way . . . just away. Because a destination wedding always involves travel, more time is allotted for the occasion,and the wedding becomes a multi day event.Laid-back beach hotels, mountaintop ski resorts, lush vineyards,glitzy casino hotels, full-service cruise ships, exotic islands, and European castles and villas are among the top venues couples choose because the “destination” part of the equation is as import ant as the “wedding” one.
You may hear a destination wedding referred to as a wedding away or a wedding moon. Although most couples do segue from their destination wedding right into the honeymoon, it’s not necessarily part of the overall plan. Whether you take your honeymoon before, immediately after, or sometime in the future, This section gives you a quick overview of destination weddings, including the main advantages of weddings away and why they’re becoming the fastest-growing segment of the bridal industry.

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Simplifying your wedding Destination
weddings allow you, the couple, to make your own rules. At hometown weddings, the reception always follows the ceremony. And a young bride and groom who are heavily in fluenced by their parents’ taste and budget may be pressured in to having a more traditional or complex wedding than they really want.When more-independent couples wed, they’re likely to make choices that are personally important to them, rather than following what others say they “should” have or “should” do at their wedding. Overall, destination weddings tend to be modest and casual. The emphasis is on relaxation and shared experiences.Your ceremony could be followed by guests mounting waiting horses to take off on a trail ride, or boarding a catamaran for an after noon of snorkeling. And in place of a stuffy, old-fashioned reception, you can have a beach barbecue capped by fireworks.The fun, ease, convenience, and simplicity of a wedding away are especially appealing to certain types of couples, especially more mature ones. They may have busy careers but a fondness for travel. Perhaps one or both of them are getting married for the second or third time, and they want to do something in a completely different way from an earlier wedding. Or they may not have the time, taste, or funds for a big, complicated affair.

Paying the price
The expense of a hometown wedding is a strong incentive to make couples scan the horizon for a cheaper place to tie the knot. On average, weddings away cost about 40 percent less than tradition a lat-home weddings. The price of a nice ceremony in the Caribbean or Mexico rarely exceeds $10,000 — and many come in at half that amount or less.
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