Differences between Getting Married Away and at Home


Being aware of the differences between a destination wedding and an at-home wedding can make it easier to decide which is right for you. But you need to know the following essential points if you’re considering a destination wedding:

location: Destination weddings in volve over night travel to another place, often selected for its scenic appeal. If the setting is particularly beautiful, the wedding couple may be able to save money on certain aspects of the wedding, such as flowers and decorations.More time to celebrate:

A conventional hometown wedding lasts between three and five hours, longer if you have a break between the ceremony and reception. In general, a destination wedding takes place over three days or more.Lower cost:

Despite the longer amount of time involved, destination weddings are usually cheaper than at-home ones. Find out about budgeting in Paying the price page…

Casual versus traditional celebration:

Hometown weddings are normally traditional affairs, sometimes stodgy and often predictable due to formulaic agendas. At a destination wedding, you can toss out conventions you don’t like and make the event as laid back or as formal as you like. Most couples opt for casual ease. Making your own rules:

Beyond the necessity of obtaining a wedding license and being married by a licensed officiant, destination weddings don’t have any hard-and-fast rules. For example, you know that one about the groom not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding? At a destination wedding, the couple may have checked into their room a couple of days before the event — and he’s the one to zip up her dress and tell her she looks beautiful before they head off together to say their vows at an ocean side gazebo. Say good-bye to the home team:

Because a destination wedding usually takes place a significant distance from home, anyone you can’t do without — from your pastor to your pedicurist — you have to invite to the wedding and pay for their time, travel, and services. Otherwise, expect to use a local officiant and vendors.

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